26 July 2011

~Pasal Redeem Dan Reka~

Oke. Skang kupon ni dah bleh start redeem. Sker. Sker.
So, da bleh start design design.
Bes. Bes.

Cara nak design leh tgk kat FAQ dari ecazstudios ni.

Q1 : How do I make a FotoBook in Apple Mac computer?
It is very easy for Apple Mac user, because every Mac computer preinstall with iPhoto. iPhoto allows you to layout photo in to a book, once you done the process, save the book into PDF and login to our website,, click on “Redeem Groupon Voucher”, kindly follow on screen instruction.

Q2 : How do I make a FotoBook in windows?
For Windows user, kindly goto download the software. Click on Page, set the margin to 40 pixels, (Remember to do this first) then change size to 3900 x 3000 pixels and , then choose your preferable layout and click save file as .jpeg. Compile all 50 pages of jpeg into a folder and zip the folder. Login to our website,, click on “Redeem Groupon Voucher”, kindly follow on screen instruction. or - For customer who are interested in learning “How to make a FotoBook using iPhoto”, we provide a 45 minutes workshop and every attendee will have 30 minutes per person to use our Apple Mac station to do the layout using iPhoto. Kindly call us 03-62572001 or email us at to register yourself a seat, seats are limited. Information about workshop - Topic: How to make a FotoBook using iPhoto. - Time: Refer to the schedule. - Use autoflow in iPhoto to layout.

Q3 : How to upload file to our website?
- You can go to our website that is fill in the form than now you can now start upload your files.

Q4 : Can we extend the expiry date of the voucher redemption?
No extensions are allowed, every voucher must redeem before or on 27th August 2011 itself.

Q5 : How many pictures we can put in one FotoBook?
Actually there is no limit on the photo insertion. More photos in a page layout, the photos will look smaller. We recommend 50 to 100 photos for 50 pages FotoBook.

Q6 : How much is the delivery charges for my place for one FotoBook 50 pages?
- RM15 West Malaysia - RM25 East Malaysia

So, mari kita men design skang. Hihi.
Oh. Ni satu contoh yg aku saja terai - test - cuba
Jadi, seme gambar jalan-jalan, cuti-cuti tahun 2011 hingga bulan Julai ni akan dimasukkan dalam fotobook ni. Yay!! syukerrr... :D

Terima kasih atas komen anda :)

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