9 August 2012

Edisi Personaliti : ENTJ

Rasa seme pun pernah buat personality kuiz/test ni kan.
Dulu kalo ada course berkaitan personality ke salu la buat test ni.
Skang lama tak buat.
Then, google berkaitan personality test ni sbb duk carik test2 berkaitan utk interview tu ari.
Sedari dulu lagi, aku da tau Personality Types aku.
Mmg takkan berubah. Ambik la test pendek, test panjang.
Sure dpt yg sama. Mean, itu lah aku.

Kredit : Here
Common pun rasanya ENTJ ni. Masa buat menda ni kat course pun ramai yg ENTJ.

Kalo  nak try, utk soklan yg pendek leh try kat sini -
Kalo nak panjang, buleh try kat sini -

Masa aku try yang test panjang tu, dpt jawapan yg sama jugak la. Tetap ENTJ
Your personality type: ENTJ.

Strength of individual traits: E - 28%, N - 26%, T - 12%, J - 44%.

Sedikit berkenaan ENTJ :
ENTJs are very career-oriented and do well in the business world. They constantly scan their environment, looking for potential problems that could be solved. ENTJs usually see things from a long-term perspective and are well equipped to develop plans that can deal with any unexpected problems, no matter how serious they might be. As mentioned above, traits like these make ENTJs ideal players in the challenging business world. Furthermore, the internal energy of ENTJ personalities is admirable, especially when it comes to areas they know well – they do not find it too difficult to devise a long-term strategy for a company or organization. For these reasons, ENTJs are truly natural leaders.

In the ENTJ world, there is little room for error. They do not like to see mistakes being made repeatedly and cannot tolerate inefficiency. For this particular reason, ENTJ personalities can be quite demanding and even harsh when their patience is tested in such circumstanced. This is further reinforced by the fact that ENTJs are not too sensitive when it comes to other people’s feelings and their belief that no one should base decisions solely on their feelings.

Detail about ENTJ - here

Rasa-rasanya, pada yg selalu mengikuti penulisan aku kat blog ni, rasa betul tak aku adalah ENTJ ? Hahaha..... :P

Terima kasih atas komen anda :)

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