13 January 2012

I Am Going To Live In Columbia For 14 Months :)

Lately (tak la lately sgt, smlm ngan kelmarin kut) ada tgk status 2,3 member kejap ke Germany, kejap ke Las Vegas. Ni mesti ada trend baru yg tgh berlegar2 di dinding FB nih.

Bila menimbulkan persoalan, google je lah. Sure jumpa.

Jadi, ini lah jawapannya

This is something women are doing on facebook for secret messages telling their birthmonth and day based on where they are going and for how many months. Here is the code below... Ladies, it is that time of year again! It is time to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. Remember the status about our bra color or where we put our purse?? It made more people aware of the problem as it went viral on FB and made the news. Don`t tell any MEN what the statusmeans! Copy, paste and resend this message to all your girl friends, let`s see if we can make it work like before, keep them guessing, let`s see if we make the news! The idea is to use your birthdate, month and day only, no year! Write: "I am going to live in (see corresponding city for your BD month below) for (day of your BD) months and a happy face. Ex. if your BD was on February 14th, then " I am going to live inLondon for 14 months!! :0) January - Mexico February - London March - Miami April - Dominican Republic May - France June - St. Petersburg July - Austria August - Germany September - New York October -Amsterdam November - Las Vegas December - Columbia
*sumber : Here

Rupanya nak bagi tau birthdate kita bila. Aduyainya pun.

Cam saya yg birthdate 14 December adalah

I am going to live in Columbia (lor..tak bes sungguh kan negeri bulan December nih) for 14 (day of my birthdate) months! :)

So, sapa yg tatau nak update apa, cuba lah tulis ni. 
Selamat Mencuba!

Susah2 je, kan senang kalo gitau - befday saya adalah pada 14 December 1979. Haha.

Terima kasih atas komen anda :)

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