16 January 2012

Perihal Art Of Packing

Nak pegi bercuti ni, kalo bleh sebeban baju nak dibawak. Tp manakan muat disumbat dlm satu atau dua bag-pack saja. Cuti Cuti ku kali ni mmg aku tak amik luggage. Cuma hand carry. Ha..pepandai ko situ la kan, sbb biasanya aku mmg amik luggage. Masa ke HK retu mmg tak heran la sbb harga da termasuk luggage, so pegi tu mmg satu beg kosong la, tp balik... ha.. mcm nak pecah beg tu dibuatnya. Haha. Kena beli beg baru nih.

So, mari kita tgk Art Of Packing. Mana la tau bleh digunakan. Apa yg aku buat biasanya adalah menggulungkan seme baju bajan which mmg dari hostel dlu dah aku buat. Tah, sapa yg ajar, tk igt dah. Mmg jimat space, tp kadang ter over bawak  baju plak sbb syok sgt ada ruang2 yg boleh di isi. HIhi.

Now you know what to bring, so let the packing begin. Iron everything before placing it in the suitcase. If it goes in crisp and clean, odds are more in its favor of coming out the same. Button all buttons and zip all zippers.

Learn to fold. Practice folding like they do in clothing stores - they use that method for a reason. The better the fold, the fewer the creases. All garments can be folded in many different ways - T-shirts, jeans, skirts and sports coats can be rolled up and strategically positioned (i.e. stuffed) in a duffel bag or travel pack.

The interlocking method of folding clothes is ideal for suitcases. Overlap two pieces of clothing flat and then fold them into each other so that each piece cushions the other to aid in defying wrinkles. Placing a piece of tissue paper between each layer of clothing will also help prevent wrinkling.

If using the fold and stack method, try to think chronologically, placing the items to be worn first on the top. This will prevent rooting around the suitcase for a specific item while disrupting the rest.

Always pack tightly. Packing loosely wastes precious space and causes clothes to wrinkle. Eliminate wasted space, such as the insides of shoes, which are perfect for socks or underwear.

Always carry travel documents, medication, jewelry, traveler's checks, keys and other valuables in your carry-on luggage. Items such as these should never be packed in checked luggage.

Label each piece of luggage, both inside and out, with your name and telephone number, but not your home address. If an address is needed, then put your office's. And remove old claim checks to avoid confusion.

Unpack as completely as possible as soon as you get to the hotel to prevent further wrinkles. When repacking, remember that balled-up, dirty laundry takes more space than carefully folded clothes, so repack your used clothing identically to your original packing method.

Terima kasih atas komen anda :)

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