16 January 2011

~Pasal Adakah Coklat Itu Sihat~

Info mengenai coklat buat penggemar coklat- sekadar menggunakan konsep sharing is caring. Dpt dari web ini -

Is chocolate healthy? – What are the health benefits of chocolate?

Well yes and no – Only some types of chocolates have health benefits. Unfortunately most of the well known chocolate bars are not very healthy. The healthier chocolates are the ones with over 70% cocoa solids.
  • The cocoa in chocolate contains magnesium which is very good for your heart and boosting circulation.
  • Fats in high quality chocolate are healthier than some of the well known confectionary chocolate bars as they contain less cholesterol contributing ingredients than the rival brands seen in supermarkets and shops around the world.
  • Eating chocolates also release endorphines, which helps to relax us and reduce stress
  • Eating chocolate can also help to reduce blood pressure – due to an antioxidant called flavanol
  • Dark chocolate also contains a high amount of antitoxidants which help boost our immune system.
Always read the label – try to avoid high sugar content, high saturated fats and high amounts of cocoa butter or chocolate butter. Also remember chocolate is still quite high in fats, so try to eat and enjoy in moderation!

2 juta komen

sy baca aritu..
yg paling elok dark coklat.. yg x elok.. coklat susu.. hi sugar...

yg paling best... coklat free...

try makan coklat lindt.. hmm nyum nyum...

akak sker coklat yg ada kacang je. cam nut ke almond ke. kalo kosong je tak sker. huhu

Terima kasih atas komen anda :)

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