29 March 2013

Edisi Kita Adalah Apa Yang Kita Makan

Oke, hari ni kita sembang2 kosong berkaitan makanan. Ada yg masam, masin, manis, pahit. Sbb ada yg kata tak penah kan cicah stoberi ngan garam. Try la. Sebenarnya ia ada kaitan dgn saintifik jugak. Huhu. Nak gakkk.. padahal mmg dari kecik camtu. Epal, mangga seme pun basuh ngan air garam. Bukan je stoberi je aku suka cicah garam. Semua menda masam. Name it- limau, epal (baik merah or hijau), anggur dsbnya.

Nak carik artikel camni  biasanya mmg kena carik yg in English punya artikel. Omputih la rajin buat kajian2 ni. Aku carik sbb aku rasa ia ada kaitan kenapa aku suka makan menda masam dengan garam. Tapi... walo aku suka cicah2 garam tu, tak bermakna aku 'kuat' masin. Nop! Aku mmg tak suka masak byk garam. Tp takde la lansung tawar.

Mengapa garam. Bukan gula? Gula kan tambah manis. Or something yg manis?

The extra salt has other effects as well though, outside of simply making things more salty.  Particularly, adding salt to foods helps certain molecules in those foods more easily release into the air, thus helping the aroma of the food, which is important in our perception of taste.

Oke itu utk mengapa kita nak buh garam dlm makanan kita esp yg kita masak lah. Mmg btul pun. Cuba kalo kita tumis sayur kan.. kalo letak garam je terus aroma cam wahhh... sedapnya bau.

Sebenarnya kalo buh garam, sebab ini pun bole...

Salt also has been shown to help suppress the bitter taste.  So adding a bit of salt won’t just increase your salty taste perception, but will also decrease your bitter taste perception in any given food (which is why it is often sprinkled on grape fruit, for instance, before eating).
Finally, adding salt to sweet or sour things, while not shown to suppress sweet or sour flavors as with bitter flavors, will help balance out the taste a bit by making the perceived flavor, for instance of sugary candies or lemons, less one dimensional.

Oh. Dah tau kenapa perlu ada masin, mari kita tgk la personality kita melalui makanan yg kita nak makan.

Salty food - If the guy says he craves for salty food, he is the type that goes with the flow. Dr. Hirsch says this guy may believe that external factors, not their own actions, determine his fate.
Sweets - this guy veers towards the wild side, hedonistic, likes to stand out and feel special.
Dark chocolate - great at parties, and good for team work.
Milk chocolate - this is your quiet and introspective personality.
Spicy foods - the perfectionist type, gives attention to details, loves order and hates to waste time.
Sweet and salty flavor combined - the loner, creative type. 

Aku yg spicy food n kalo utk stoberi cicah garam tu yg sweet and salty flavor combined lah kiranya kan.. hey.. dan dan nak mengaku creative type. Hahah. 

Dan yg ni plak utk perasa2 eskrim yg kita suka plak.

Chocolate Chip - competitive, accomplished, competent and ambitious; generous and life of the party. Compatible with those who like Butter Pecan or Double Chocolate Chunk.
Coffee - dramatic, flirtatious, loves new adventures, and gives his best in the things they do. Compatible with people who loves Strawberry flavored ice cream.
Butter Pecan - introverted, sensitive to the feelings of others, devoted, conscientious, budget conscious. Compatible with Mint Chocolate Chip.
Mint Chocolate Chip - ambitious, confident but a bit skeptical about life. Close to family, honest, and plans for the future. Compatible with someone who also likes Mint Chocolate Chip.
Rocky Road - goal-oriented, outgoing and aggressive. Likes being pampered and appreciates the finer things in life. Compatible with another Rocky Road lover.
Vanilla - relies on intuition over logic, emotionally expressive, aims high, likes to stay busy and accomplish things, prefers secure romantic relationships. Compatible with Rocky Road.
Strawberry - logical, doesn't mind working behind the scenes, loyal and supportive. Compatible with Vanilla, Rocky Road, Mint Chocolate Chip, Strawberry.

So, kita adalah apa yg kita makan. :)

Terima kasih atas komen anda :)

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