5 March 2014

Eat Clean, Eat Healthy : Infused Water

Contoh infused water.

Why infused water?
But why infuse water with fruit, herbs or flowers you ask? The answer is simple. By improving the flavour with a healthy option, it’s an easier way to achieve your recommended daily amounts. By adding fruits and herbs you are including essential vitamins. The most common flavours used are cucumber, mint, basil and citrus fruits. But feel free to use your imagination to produce a flavour to suit you!
Although there are many flavoured waters on supermarket shelves, producing your home made drink is cost effective and far healthier. Most infused waters available at supermarkets include preservatives, artificial sweeteners and colourings, sodium, sacralise sucrose, dextrose, high fructose corn syrup and refined sugar. Now do you think it’s time to produce your own?

Oleh kerana tak sukar nak buat infused water berbanding juicing, jadi cuba lah buat infused water nih.

Senang amat.
Nak dengan taknak ja.

Malam, before tidur, boleh sediakan infused water ni - masuk fridge - dan esok boleh bawak gi ofis dah. kan senang tu.

Setakat ni saya baru buat cucumber + lemon.
Nak buat stoberi tu cam sayang plak kan.

Nak weight loss? Minum banyak air. Tapi tak suka atau tak lalu minum banyak air. So, infused water is the solutions. Baca nih. Kredit to :

Which fruit infused water is best for weight loss? The answer is: the one you will drink the most. When it comes to weight loss, more water is better and the goal is to drink as much as you can. Drinking infused water for weight loss is one of the easiest habits you can have to help you lose weight without a lot of effort.
Here are 7 tips for drinking more water:
#Drink a large glass of water before every meal, NO EXCUSES. This is one of the easiest rules to follow when it comes to weight loss and it’s also the most important. You must stay hydrated.
#Drink your first glass of water within 15 minutes of waking. Put a large full glass of water on your bed stand every night and drink it when you wake up in the morning.
#Have a pitcher of fruit infused water in your refrigerator at all times. Keeping a large pitcher of fruit infused water available will encourage you to want to drink more water. Plus, the vitamins and nutrients that the fruit adds to the water will provide an additional healthy boost.
#Buy a travel infused water bottle. A lot of people have reported their amount of daily water intake went way up when they got a travel water infuser. It’s convenient to take it to work, school, the gym, or on the road – it’s an easy and convenient way to drink more infused water. #My favorite is the stylish and portable AdnArt fruit infusion water bottle.
#Hungry and want a snack? Go drink two 8 oz glasses of water and wait 15 minutes. If you are still hungry than your body needs food and you should have a healthy snack, if not good for you! You just saved yourself some calories, use that surplus to enjoy a nice glass of wine with dinner or to shave  200 calories or more off your daily total.
#Decaffeinated tea counts!! Going to Starbucks with your friends? Order a decaf tea!! You can count it as water and your beverage will be zero calories. Most independent coffee houses have their own specialty teas. Once I had a coconut tea that it was so delicious and much better than my husband’s 500+ calorie coffee drink!
#Try more recipes! We have our own fruit infused water book: Fruit Infusions has over lots of recipes for cold and hot infused water recipes. This book adds lots of variety to your fruit water recipe collection.
Once you start drinking a gallon a day you will notice you are more thirsty and will crave it, your body will help you along if you can stick to it for a week or two. Our bodies need water to stay cool and hydrated, you will also notice clearer skin, stronger hair and nails and best of all water fills you up and it is zero calories!

Takde idea la nak buat apa utk infused water.
Takpe, boleh tgk web ini.
Memacam simple resepi ada.

Let's try. 
Eat Healthy, Eat Clean.
Ke arah hidup yang lebih sihat.

Pesanan penaja :
Ada orang kata kurus tu sihat.
Ada orang kata gemuk tak sihat.
Sebenarnya, terpulang pada apa kita makan. Kurus tapi makan ikut suka hati pun tak guna gak kan. Ada yg berisi pun, elok je dia makan teratur pastu amalkan healthy lifestyle. Lagi bagus kut dari si kurus tu.
So, semuanya berpada pada lah kan :)

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