14 June 2013

Detox Dan Makanan Berkhasiat

Hello ladies.  This is my story. I got married in 2008 at 27 years old, DH was 31 and we were ready to start a family.  As months went by with no sign of a baby I started wondering if we had some fertility issues and then decided to just leave things in the hands of God. 
After a year went by I became fearful and anxious every month and when AF came I spent days in bed depressed.  I became really sad.  I developed anxiety and depression.  Another year went by with no sign of a baby.  I wondered why other women could have babies and not me.  I've always loved children and truly longed for one of my own.
DH was the brave one and he went in to do a sperm count test and everything was normal.  My testing also began.  I had bloodwork and an HSG to see that my fallopian tubes were open.  Everything was normal with me too.  I started clomid, then clomid and metformin.  This went on for 4 months and all they did was make me sick.  It was a miserable summer to say the least.
My DH wanted to be referred to a fertility specialist but I told him that mentally I just needed a break.  The stress and disappointment was overwhelming.  During the next 6 months all I did was focus on improving my life.  I decided to let go of the baby thing for a while.  During the course of my marriage I had gained 30 pounds and I really wanted to lose the weight. 
This January, I saw a documentary on Netflix called Fat, Sick and Nearly dead.  My life changed after watching this movie.  The very next day I bought a juicer.  I did a juice fast for 14 days. My body detoxed. After my juice fast I had changed my view of food.  I decided to no longer put garbage into my body.  I eat only organic and natural food.  In fact, I even became vegan. I lost 25 pounds in two months.  And most importantly, I GOT PREGNANT after 3 1/2 years of TTC!  The benefits of juicing are amazing.  It does wonderful things for our bodies.  I know that if this worked for me, this can work for anyone. I am so happy and amazed.
Please let me know if you are interested in doing this juice fast and detoxing your body.  I am willing to help and guide every step of the way.  I would love for this miracle to happen to you.  I am also really greatful for my new eating habits because I am having a really healthy pregnancy.  I have no nauseau, morning sickness, NOTHING.  I feel fantastic. :)

Sebuah kisah di ambil dari sini.
Apa yang penting adalah :
# No longer put garbage into our body
# sebaiknya dapatkan buah/sayuran organik. Tp aku beli kat pasar je. Nanti lah bila g Jusco ke baru beli yg organik tu.
# Juice - sebarang juice samada buah / sayuran hijau mmg amat bagus utk dijadikan detox. Cubalah dengan istiqamah selama 3 bulan dulu. Setiap hari.
# Mudah saja utk buat juice - tak perlu resepi apa-apa. Hanya buah/sayuran yang kita suka -basuh bersih2 - (kalau buah tu potong la kecik2 sket, kalau macam epal tu tak perlu buang kulit), then masukkan dalam juice extractor/juicer (Doc Hamid mmg pesan supaya gunakan blender khas yg blend juice, bukan blender biasa tu), tambah air sket - blend. Itu saja. Tak perlu tambah gula, sbb kita nak yg fresh.
Panasonic punya juicer
Ni aku punya, dia cam food processor, ada 3 mata utk blender/juicer/grinder/chopper. Ini juga boleh buat air soya. Mudah sgt. Pastu dia siap ada cawan utk terus minum. Aku buat susu kambing + kurma mmg terus dalam mug yg ada tu. Mudah.
Tapi ini brand Pensonic. Yang aku punya brand Pensonic. Beli masa kat Homedec ke apa ntah. Lama dah. Masa tu takde la gi brand Pensonic jual gini. Ni pun oke kalo nak beli.

Jadi, mari kita ber detox detox dan makan yg berkhasiat saja.

p/s : Byk ilmu baru berkaitan pemakanan yg aku perolehi. Alhamdulillah. Kan setiap dugaan itu ada hikmahnya. Insyaallah.

p/s/s : Ada yg igtkan sayur organik mahal. Umphh...kita cari rezki, tak salah kot kalo kita gunakan semula rezki tu utk kesihatan. Insyaallah...tkde la smpai nk beli sayuran organik smpai ikat perut, tk buleh bli makanan lain. In fact, sy tahu harga sayur oganik ni, tkde la jauh beza harga dgn sayur biasa. Pun, bukan bli nk masak kenduri kan. Ala,,setakat nk buat jus. Minum laki bini... Hihi. Cemni lah, saya rasa tak salah kot kalo kita berbelanja lebih sket utk makanan kesihatan compared tu 'garbage' food. Right?? Jgn risau ya.. takde nya saya nak berbelanja beribu sebulan utk organic food.... Insyaallah, ada rezki tu.... don worry :))

Terima kasih atas komen anda :)

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